Other Studies

Participation for Healthy Youth and their Mothers in a Direct and Observational Learning Study

The UW Department of Psychiatry is conducting a research study examining observational fear learning in youth. We hope that the information gained from the study will allow us to better understand how kids learn from parents.

We are looking for 7-17 year olds without any history of mental health problems to participate in this research study. Participation includes the mother and their child. The study takes place at the HealthEmotions Research Institute, and involves four visits. The study involves questionnaires and physiological measurements. Fathers may also participate should the mother not be available.

Your child will receive up to $150 for participation in four research sessions.

Please contact the HealthEmotions Research Institute at 608-265-3610 or braveyouthlab@psychiatry.wisc.edu for more information and to see if your child qualifies for participation.